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Facebook Privacy Notice

We collect information when you use our social media sites. When you view our website or social media sites, we can see:

  • what you click
  • what you view
  • how long you spend on pages
  • your device & internet connection details such as: type of device you’re using, IP address and details about your internet connection, technical details such as your screen size and the software you’re using, such as your web browser
  • your country or region (not exactly where you are unless we ask permission)
  • your unique advertising or other identification numbers allocated to your browser or device

If you follow a link to this website, we know the last site you visited. You may have reached this website by following a link from an e-mail. When you open an email from us, we may be able to tell:

  • that you’ve opened it
  • what links in the email you click on

When you fill in a form on our website, we can see what you type. 

If you send us a message, we may collect information you tell us.

Social Media

HSBC uses social media to:

  • help connect with you
  • share information about our products and services
  • sometimes these involve using your data

Social media platforms may let you choose what advertising you receive. You should contact them for more information.


When you use an HSBC page on Facebook, Facebook Ireland and HSBC collect information about you. This includes: 

  • what you click on: if you start a messenger conversation
  • what you view: when you hover over a link or have an event page on screen
  • what you say: like comments or reactions
  • your actions: like sharing or recommending
  • your activity: how long you spend on pages, date and time of actions or websites you visited before you took the action
  • your location: Country or region. This is not your precise location unless you have provided this in your user profile and you are logged-in
  • your device and internet connection
  • your Facebook profile details and user ID

HSBC has access to this information to use for reporting, insights and marketing purposes and so does Facebook. 

This helps HSBC improve our offering on Facebook and create better marketing. HSBC may also see this information if HSBC has communicated with you on Facebook. HSBC does this because it helps us know who we’re speaking to. 

If you’ve allowed us to use cookies that support our marketing, HSBC and Facebook can collect this information when you use HSBC’s site too. To learn more, or to switch this off, please visit our Cookies Notice. You can control which cookies you allow by selecting “Manage Cookies”.

Facebook Ireland is a ‘joint controller’ with us in law for processing where we collect information about you:

  • from your actions on our Facebook page
  • through the Facebook pixel on our website


We and Facebook have agreed to share some responsibilities to protect your personal data, by:

  • making sure we each have a legal basis for joint processing
  • honouring your legal rights in respect of your data
  • ensuring security of joint processing

You can contact HSBC about how we do this. You can also contact Facebook about what they do. This includes exercising your legal rights in respect of the data Facebook collects and retains itself. 

Further details of how Facebook processes your personal information, the legal basis it relies on, your rights and Facebook’s contact details can be found at:

Other important information

We have a couple more things to tell you.

  • transfers: We transfer your information outside of the European Economic Area. If this happens your information may not have the same level of protection
  • security: We’ll use a range of measures to keep your information safe and secure, such as encryption
  • storage: We keep your information in line with our data retention policy. We do this to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, and for our legitimate purposes

Our full privacy notice contains more information about these topics.

Contact us

We’re always happy to hear from you.  

You can contact our Data Protection Officer at:

For the attention of: 

Délégué à la Protection des Données HSBC en France

HSBC Continental Europe

38, avenue Kléber - 75116 Paris

This privacy notice may be updated from time to time, and you’ll always be able to find the most recent version on this site.

Thank you for reading this privacy notice.
Last updated: 31/03/2021

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