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Savings and life insurance wrappers calculator

See how to achieve your saving goals

Choose the right life insurance wrapper

Before opening a life insurance policy, first decide on a clear objective.

This will help you determine whether to prioritise secure returns or investments with more potential for growth.

  • build up your capital over the long term
  • enhance, diversify or grow savings for a specific project
  • plan to pass financial assets on to your loved ones
  • improve your retirement income (with regular payments or a life annuity)


Life insurance wrappers can help you do all of these things over the medium or longer term. It's all a question of management.

For advice and guidance on all our offers and options, please visit us in branch.

Decide how to invest your life insurance wrapper

You can choose between two types of investment vehicle, depending on your needs and your attitude to risk.

  • Euro funds: your savings and interest are guaranteed(1), allowing for regular returns and a low risk of capital loss.

Each year, the interest earned is added to your guaranteed capital. However, as interest rates are currently very low, euro funds, like savings books, offer very low performance.

  • Unit-linked funds (UC): a choice of investments, including real estate, index trackers and structured funds, with varying degrees of risk.

To help you reach your goals, we offer a wide range of unit-linked products eligible for life insurance, including a range of collective investment schemes (UCIs).

Unit-linked investments(2) are subject to market movement and their value can go down as well as up. There is a risk of capital loss.

They're higher risk than euro-denominated funds, but also offer higher potential returns.


We also offer a choice of management options on our life insurance policies. These allow you to let our team of experts manage your investments.

To find the right HSBC life insurance policy for your needs, use our comparison tools.

Non-contractual calculation that does not take into account your specific tax constraints, carried out for information purposes according to the legislation / taxation in force on 1 January 2017, and based on data you enter. Recommendations should therefore be reviewed in case of personal changes or legal and/or fiscal modifications.

(1) The sums invested in the fund in euros, after deduction of entry fees and management fees, are guaranteed.

(2) Before investing in a unit-linked fund, you must read the French version of the DICI (Document d’Information Clé pour l’Investisseur or Key Information for investors document) and the prospectus, which are regulatory documents available from HSBC branches or by consulting the website, the contractual provisions of the life insurance wrapper contract and in particular the applicable fees. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance, and must be analysed with caution.


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